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we are working in Animal Husbandry, Farming, Software Services, Real Estate, Insurance. Kenmax provide full training and support to running all lively hood. pig farming, goat farming, poultry farming, Website Design, SEO, SMO, E-Commerce etc are very usefull.



pig farming, goat farming, poultry farming, alovera farming, bee farming

Animal Husbandry in farming is very important part of life. If you want to make it as a profession in farming then you have to choose a right farming option, which can beat your family needs. pig Farming is the very easy and rich farming in Animal Husbandry who provide us all we need……Read more


Software Services

website design,seo,sme,ppc

In every Business, customer reach is the most important factor, by which we define our success. If any company knows that how many population are using there product and they want to explore them. then they have to come in digital world. Kenmax is the right company which provide several services in Website Design, SEO, SMO, E-Commerce……Read more

Real Estate

Ncr Property

Everyone wants to have there own home in which they explore there whole life with there family. But right property option should be avalable in market and most of thing that right company, which provide it. Kapil Nirwan is working in Real Estate sinse 2007 and he know which property will healp you to grow with your family……..Read more


life insurance, health insurance,


Today’s life is running very fast and we fighting for our family only.  Just wait for a while and think are you going in right direction for family or not. who will care for family after you. life insurance is the product which is very important in life as food. so grab a right plan for family………………….Read more

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